Implementing The Best Design In A Residential-Cum-Commercial Kitchen

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Kitchen spaces hold a significant role in family life. Their importance surrounds the cooking and cleaning activities that take place within the area. For a long time, little emphasis had been given to the design of the kitchen area.

Even with it being an important part of house activities, it had somehow been forgotten and given less relevance when planning to build a new house. But modern times have recalled the importance of kitchen space and have seen the birth of new design ideas that make the kitchen the most important area in a house.

Today, kitchen space is given great attention and each home buyer looks forward to a sophisticated kitchen area when buying a home. Even homeowners have realized the importance of having a modern kitchen area. You can spot the trend of bigger and more open kitchens in almost all newly constructed properties.

As the Scoop Magazine suggests, Modern kitchen designs that are being incorporated in housing construction plans are, in fact, inspired by commercial kitchen Sydney designs that have enough room for more than one worker or chef. The need of having more than one sink is among common features of commercial area kitchens, and the same concept is now being implemented in homes.



A section of people still feels that residential kitchen space should be big enough to accommodate daily activities. They feel that implementing a commercial area kitchen design is a waste of space and money. However, we can still view exceptions in this regard. But yet still, a majority of people are embracing modern kitchen designs and this trend is only set to propel higher with the next generation of house buyers.

Implementing Designs Based on a Commercial Kitchen, Sydney

Gone are the days when homeowners only used their kitchens for cooking purposes. We live in a modern, digital edge where every inch of space is precious. Today, a kitchen can be used for cooking, cleaning of utensils, eating, and conversing. All the mentioned activities require space that can only be acquired if you have a well-designed kitchen and proper arrangement of things in the kitchen.

Space in the kitchen is as dire as oxygen to a living thing. When implementing a modern kitchen design, the Australian Building Codes Bode (ABCB) advice a homeowner to ensure that their guiding compass is the need for more room. If you have enough space, you will have enough ideas about the kind of kitchen equipment to buy. Remember that having useful appliances in your kitchen will create space and increase the usefulness of your cooking space.


To create space, you need a good storage strategy that will have most of the things stored from the view of the eye and at the same time easily accessible. If you need design and durability of commercial cooktop and oven, then take humble time in planning for your new kitchen.

Another important and yet mostly forgotten aspect of planning for a modern kitchen is expert advice. Being the nature of humans, we feel as if we know it all but the truth is that we need expert help in doing most things. Consult a professional interior designer for tips and advice. You can as well hire an interior design contractor to do the job for you.